Senior Research Engineer

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Date: Oct 3, 2022

Location: Lille Skensved, DK

Company: JM Huber Corporation

Portfolio Business: CP Kelco 

CP Kelco is a leading producer of specialty ingredients which are added to improve texture, consistency, and stability in food, pharmaceutical and industrial products. Our products are derived from renewable raw materials found in nature for use in jam, fruit and milk drinks, confectionery products as well as industrial applications. We work across the whole value chain from natural raw materials to customers’ end products. CP Kelco is part of the JM Huber Corporation, one of the largest privately held, family owned companies in the United States.  With approximately $3.0 billion in sales and 4,000 employees worldwide, we have a combined material presence in more than 20 countries.

Position Summary

  • Responsible for activities of research and development, technical/ scientific solutions to create value with vision of company growing.
  • Work with others within a specified activity, project, business and/or technical area, keeping good teamwork.
  • Prepare technical reports for documentation and interpretation of results, being specific and clear. Use statistical tools for data analysis.
  • Support specific projects according to the Company priorities, being able to coordinate projects.
  • Influence others within the organization in a positive way, to reach agreement for new approaches and practices.
  • Develop and applies knowledge to implement and/or improve tools, techniques or process.
  • Keep a good safety and environmental culture to evaluate risk analysis before any new specific trial, small or industrial scale, under CPKelco standard rules (HSMS, MMSR).
  • When requested, drive projects with agility, clear communication with the stakeholders, interested parts, using our existing system for Project Management.


  • Follow Huber Principles and Safety requirements.
  • Define equipment or process based on robust and conclusive trials or research.
  • Prepare plan or work instructions for specific task or trial.
  • Train operators for specific trial or activity, when planned at work request.
  • Use scientific statistical methods in experimental design.
  • Align with collaborators to secure progress and meeting deadlines, be organized to achieve the goals and transparent to show the barriers.
  • Be customer focused (CEC mindset) and attentive towards market trends and customer needs.
  • Strong teamwork, positive behaviour to keep good work environment.
  • Identify and analyse problems, searching appropriated solutions.
  • Provide input for technical reports, including Newsletter and project system update (Accolade).
  • Ability for people coordination.

Required Skills

  • PhD/Master's degree in Chemical  Engineering, Chemistry, Food Engineer with 3-5 years' experience or bachelor's degree with over five years' experience within the food, chemical or related industry in a related technical role
  • Desirable knowledge in extraction, filtration, basic unit operations in food or chemistry industry
  • Fluent English skills (read, speak & write). Good PC skills using conventional data
  • Cooperation and Teamwork skills
  • Agility and growth minded
  • Sense of accuracy and meeting deadlines
  • Able to work with moderate guidance with positive attitude towards managing conflicts
  • Good communication skills


J.M. Huber Corporation is an EEO/AAP employer.